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From people you can trust

Seed-to-sale consulting 

Plant Fuel Genetics has a very rare combination of extensive field crop experience along with hours of experience in the field with industrial hemp. 


We have a staff of certified crop advisors with as much experience advising on field crops in a wide variety of conditions as any company in the business. 


Not only do we provide consulting, but we can get you in contact with many different full-service agricultural suppliers for everything that you need for your farm. We sell a wide selection of the best seed and starts the hemp industry has to offer. If we don't sell something that you need, we can get you set up with someone who can help. 


We also provide soil and tissue testing/sampling, pathogen screening and integrated pest and weed management. We also provide advice on the best available methods of planting, growing and harvesting industrial hemp. 


Plant Fuel Genetics also has legal experts on staff to help you navigate the laws and regulations associated with growing industrial hemp, as well as helping you to file all the necessary paperwork with the Department of Agriculture. 

Through our many dealings with industrial hemp farms, farmers, buyers, and CBD extractors; we have built up a large list of contacts who can possibly purchase your crop from you before it is even harvested by way of biomass contracts.


Monetizing this crop has historically been one of the most challenging and worrisome parts of making the switch to industrial hemp. We take the worry away because we have a sale waiting for your harvested crop. 


When we say seed-to-sale consulting, we truly mean it. At Plant Fuel Genetics, we have spent years developing relationships with farmers, growers, and buyers. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated; with honesty and care in every aspect of our business. As a result, we have developed many close friendships with our clients and customers. 


Most importantly, Plant Fuel Genetics is not here to capitalize on a quick "get rich scheme". We plan on developing partnerships with farmers, growers, buyers, and extractors that will last for decades. We believe CBD oil is the future of medicine for millions affected by diseases like cancer, epilepsy, Parkinsons disease and many others. 



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