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The best genetics period.  

We have partnered with the best breeders in the industry to bring you the best yielding, most highly tested varieties of hemp that have ever been produced.


All of our seed is truly feminized, so you never have to worry about cross-contamination within your fields. 


All of the lines that we carry have been proven over and over again to test from 12-25% CBD, which means that you can receive a premium for all of the product that comes off your field. 

The Parents

We are creating new hybrids for the 2020 season, using some of our best producing, most proven parent plants from the past few years. We will have a seed catalog out for 2020 hybrids shortly. If you love the classics, don't worry because we will continue to sell them as well!

Berry Blossom

Genetics: Cherry Kandahar S1 (In-house selection) x Chardonnay

Potency: 13% CBD .2-.3% THC

Harvest: 8 weeks indoor/Early October outdoor


Berry Blossom checks all boxes when grading quality and performance from our 2017 season crops. The Chardonnay selection reversed in this hybrid tested just over non-detectable THC at full maturity (8+ weeks in flower)and averaged 13% CBD from whole plant composite samples. With CBD farming scaling to big agricultural acreage, we felt it was a priority to develop and stabilize a boutique quality CBD flower that could be farmed without the concern of going over the THC threshold. This line has proven itself to handle the roughest conditions and longest flower cycles while remaining under .3% THC. Planted on 5-foot centers, Berry Blossom averaged 2500 pounds of dry whole plant material per acre in 2017. 


We are in the process of developing a "High Desert Blossom" from this cultivar, and it will be available for sale in 2019. This new line will perform well in the brutal heat of the high desert region. 

Trophy Wife

Genetics: Wife S1 x Cherry Wine

Potency: 15% – 19% CBD Non detectable -.3% THC

Harvest: 8 Weeks indoor / Early to mid-October outdoor


This seed line is the champion of CBD resin production. By first reversing our 20% CBD phenotype of “The Wife” to herself we conducted an S1 phenotype hunt in search of a cut that finished a bit earlier with the highest testing CBD content. After selecting a frosty 8-week finisher that averaged 19% CBD .3% THC we then paired her with our new 50:1 Cherry Wine male to compliment her progeny in both flavor and compound content. Expect top shelf bag appeal packed with an offensively loud cheesy terp profile. Trophy Wife averaged 2000 pounds per acre in Colorado 2017. 


Genetics:  Black Rose (R4 x OttoBx1) x Cherry Wine

Potency: 12%-15% CBD. Non Detectable – .3% THC

Harvest: 7-8 Weeks Indoor. First Week October



The focus on the Chardonnay project was to increase the CBD content of our darkest purple varietal “Black Rose”, and compliment her with the potency and mouth-watering terpene profiles that Cherry Wine expresses. This line was proven to be stable for industrial hemp cultivation consistently in multiple locations 2016, remaining compliant throughout the entire duration of flower without the need to harvest early. Expect 70% of phenotypes to exhibit purple flower colorization by the time of harvest. 

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